The most compact from the performance family. At 10.80m in total length, you can't exactly call it small. This won't occur to anyone who has experienced the interior space of a Perfection, especially with the slide-out or wall-out extended. Equipped with the latest comfort and safety technology, as well as a central garage (for example, for a Mini Cooper or Fiat 500), the Perfection particularly excels in perfect space utilization and incredible maneuverability.


Vehicle length 10.80 meters

Volkner Mobil Systemsteuerung VolknerUX

Battery performance 20 kWh

Diesel Generator 8 kW

Fresh water up to 600 liters

Solar system 1500 watts

Automatic level regulation

Total heating power 22 kW

Volkner Mobil integrated air conditioning up to 8.5 kW

Floor plan of your choice

Wall-Out or Slide-Out

Central garage dimensions 3900 x 1750 x 1420 mm

Partly in desired equipment

One really puts in a lot of effort to emulate the big brother, the Volkner Mobil Performance. But he is not a show-off, the Performance Perfection.

No, he has the same genes as the big one. A coach chassis with unsurpassed driving comfort, plenty of living and living space, which can be enlarged upon request by a slide-out or a wall-out (i.e. a slide-out over most of the vehicle length).

Additionally, it has the patented central garage as a highlight, which allows for the transportation of a car. Yes, and at this point, he has to admit that he is the smaller one, because the car in the garage can have a maximum size of a Mini Cooper 3-door or a Fiat 500, but that is still a four-seater.

When it comes to maneuverability and price, the Perfection laughs to itself again, because here the big brother is left behind.
By the way, the Performance Perfection has been one of the most popular vehicles from Volkner Mobil since its introduction.


The most distinctive feature of a Volkner Mobil Performance is probably the patented central garage.

It was developed by Gerhard Volkner, who was searching for the perfect positioning of the car in the motorhome. Between the axles is where there is the most space, the center of gravity is low, and the interior remains full size.

The cardanically suspended platform not only provides space for a 3-door MINI Cooper or Fiat 500, but is also often used as a motorcycle garage or terrace. In addition, airline rails are installed to secure the awning or fasten objects securely, for example.

Even in uneven terrain, loading and unloading is just as easy as on a flat surface.

The jacks of the platform also serve for leveling, ensuring that the Perfection is always balanced.


This wooden washbasin can almost be considered a work of art. The base is crafted from over 100 layers of hand-laminated wooden panels. An 8-axis CNC milling machine then creates our wooden washbasin from it. Numerous layers of lacquer seal the wood and make it shine.

The modern vanity unit features six large drawers and four pharmacy cabinets, complete with dividers, lighting, and transparent bottoms. 

Stone washbasin with modern wall-mounted faucets.

Countertop washbasin with wall-mounted faucets.

Unique in a motorhome – This unique kitchen island integrates an oven and stove. The numerous drawers provide ample space for pans, pots, and cutlery. On the aisle side, an additional countertop can be pulled out.

Electrically extendable kitchen unit with a coffee machine and your desired tableware.


We are searching for the optimal spot for your coffee machine. Here, we've created a niche with a spice rack above. The coffee machine can be pulled out.

Electrically extendable dish block in the kitchen. You decide on the interior arrangement and the choice of utensils!

You can specify the interior arrangement of drawers yourself, and we will manufacture them accordingly.

We are happy to install your desired electrical appliances in your kitchen.

A Gaggenau steam oven and convection oven can be installed here. The door opens conveniently to the side.

By lowering the air suspension, entry into the Performance is made easy. The stair steps here are made of wood and indirectly illuminated. The door frame and the sides of the stair steps are clad with durable stainless steel. The body door is 80mm thick and secured with 3 locks. Inside, it is fully upholstered with leather or Alcantara.

The seats with massage function, seat ventilation, and seat heating ensure a comfortable ride. While stationary, they can be swiveled and transformed into a TV chair in seconds, thanks to the electrically extendable footrest. The seats are fully electrically adjustable and covered in your preferred leather. The diamond embroidery, Volkner logo, and piping seams can be color-contrasted for an extra touch.

Want to barbecue during your vacation? For that, we have the perfect solution in our Performance series. An extendable Weber grill. At working height. It's ready for use in seconds. Chairs and a table are stored in the same space, protected with hand-stitched Alcantara covers. The grill is available in both gas and electric versions.

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

The extendable summer kitchen: Sink, fresh water, dishes, draft system, and glasses are stored in the extendable central garage. There's still space in front for the MINI Cooper. Once it's unloaded, during bad weather, you can move into the garage with chairs and a table.

Space for up to two bicycles, positioned on the side next to the car in the rear garage. The variant with a pull-out option is also available.

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

TV unit that can be extended between the living room and kitchen, connected to a surround sound system. 

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

Beispieltext Elfer Performance

The washing machine is installed in a space-saving manner and permanently connected.

The drop-down bed is lowered electrically.

The garage space can be flexibly designed. Summer kitchen, motorcycles, fitness studio, or whatever you can think of. We are happy to fulfill your wishes.

The extendable shoe cabinet can be used in various locations.

Single beds

Technical details

Volkner UX


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