Gerhard Volkner

it starts with a renowned vehicle manufacturer in Wuppertal, where he begins his dual apprenticeship as a vehicle builder.


Founding Volkner Vehicle Construction GmbH

It involves the production of vehicle components and the development, design, and manufacturing of trailers, with a focus on making their use as comfortable as possible for the user




Mobile machines

In the mid-1980s, machines were added that Gerhard Volkner designed to be self-propelled. Horse trailers were also expanded to include living quarters. The first buses were converted into recreational vehicles at Volkner's place.


First Düsseldorf Caravan Salon with a Volkner Mobil 830 HG

In 1997, Volkner Mobil participated for the first time in the Düsseldorf Caravan-Salon with a Volkner Mobil 830 HG on a Mercedes Benz chassis, measuring 8.3 meters in total length, and featuring a rear garage for a Fiat Seicento 4-seater. With 1360 Ah batteries, 660 watts of solar power, and a tank capacity exceeding 500 liters, it set completely new standards at that time. The car was already comfortably loaded into the rear using a hydraulic platform. The round seating group was born


Volkner Mobil presentation on Volvo bus chassis

The first two Volkner Mobil vehicles on Volvo bus chassis were completed, featuring a mid-engine and a rear garage for a Fiat Punto, with a total length of almost 11 meters. This marked the beginning of an era of exceptionally comfortable driving


The 7.49 t Vehicles

Introduction of the first 7.49-ton lightweight Volkner 820 HG on a Mercedes chassis. Drivable with the old Class 3 driver's license, yet still comfortable and designed with extensive self-sufficiency in mind, these were the standards that were achieved


Small series 7.49 t vehicles

A small series of the 7.49-ton models was produced


Volkner Mobil on Mercedes Benz Actros

Volkner Mobil introduced the first motorhome based on the Mercedes Benz Actros chassis to the market: The 950 HG (total length 9.5 meters) with a Smart car in the rear garage


The Volvo coach

Manufacturing of an original Volvo coach with a rear garage for a Fiat. Loading and unloading is done using a hydraulic loading platform


Volkner 800C

Volkner introduces the first Volkner 800C, an 8-meter short vehicle on a Mercedes chassis with a width of only 2.35 meters. The clever layout featuring a round seating group or an alternative bar version gains significant acceptance in the market



Volkner Mobil Performance

The idea of ​​the Volkner Mobil Performance was born and it was consistently developed and constructed alongside the production of further 800C -1200 HG



Performance presentation with patented center garage

Presentation of the first Volkner Mobil Performance on a Volvo coach chassis with rear engine and the pioneering patented central garage



The AdventureLine

The AdventureLine is developed, designed, and manufactured. The first all-wheel-drive vehicle as a fully integrated motorhome with a 15-ton total weight on a Mercedes chassis with full air suspension in a total length of 8.3 meters. The test drives in an off-road test area far exceed the specifications



The Performance BUS

Manufacturing of the Performance BUS - visually a Volvo touring bus, but still a Performance with patented center garage. The optimal vehicle for discreetly living and traveling at the highest level in a vehicle



The Wall-Out

The Wall-Out - Volkner expands the Performance to 35 square meters with its newly developed Wall-Out. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom extend by 0.5 meters to a total length of 10 meters at the push of a button in seconds



Performance with Oldtimer-Garage

The Performance designed as a garage for vintage car enthusiasts is introduced. The garage opens up to accommodate the Mercedes gull-wing door on the driver's side



The Performance Compact

The smaller sibling of the Performance is introduced, the Performance Compact, with a total length of only 10.5 meters and 350 horsepower. The patented middle garage accommodates a Fiat 500 or Mini Cooper



Design and garage usage are in focus

Interior designs are expanded to include large kitchens, and an optional retractable summer kitchen is added to the garage. Special mounts in the middle garage can accommodate up to 3 motorcycles for the Compact model and up to 5 motorcycles for the Performance model



Volkner Mobil Elfer Performance

The Elfer Performance is born. With a total length of 11.4 meters, 490 horsepower, and a patented middle garage designed to fit a 5-door Mini Cooper, this agile yet spacious model comes to life



Performance Compact -> Perfection

The Performance Compact evolves into the Perfection. Undergoing a comprehensive revision, the Perfection features larger tank volumes, more compactly housed technology components, and significantly expanded storage space. Additionally, the vehicle no longer includes a gas system



Volkner Mobil Performance S

The Performance S is presented, the S stands for a full technical equipment, the customer is still not limited in the interior design



Bugatti Chiron in the Performance S 

The Performance S with HyperCar garage accommodates a wide Bugatti Chiron. A Burmester stereo system is also installed for the first time, and the result is an unforgettable feast for the ears



LaFerrari in the Performance S

The Performance S needs to have a larger garage once again, this time for a LaFerrari. A specific modification was necessary, but as usual, Gerhard Volkner managed to solve it in an innovative way. A custom-made rooftop terrace, created according to the customer's request, is receiving a lot of approval from both Gerhard Volkner and the audience at the Caravan Salon


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