Volkner UX

The heart of every motorhome is the control system. We have made it our mission to design it with our technology in a way that creates a unique user experience.

All information and actions converge at a single point. Whether it's heating, air conditioning, hydraulics, or lighting control, everything can be operated using a tablet or centrally from the driver's seat. Here, there's a 4K display that can shine brightly with an impressive 1000 nits ensuring everything remains visible even in strong sunlight..

The Volkner Mobil ideology of customization is also reflected in our specially developed software. The color selection of the Volkner UX is specifically tailored to the interior design. Extra requests, such as a specific music system or other functions, are integrated into the system.



Patented central garage

Carrying a car in a motorhome without compromising the living area's full headroom? How is that possible?

Gerhard Volkner had the brilliant idea: the central garage between the axles of the motorhome. This patented solution is a standout feature of all Performance models from Volkner.

In all versions, a four-seater car can be carried. In the larger Performance model, you can even take your favorite car up to 4.62 meters in length.

And if that's not enough, we are even capable of offering custom solutions through individual constructions, such as: an extension for a Bugatti Chiron, a partial garage extension for a LaFerrari, or special mounts for 3 motorcycles along with a rolling aluminum box for racing suits and other equipment.

The customer's desire for a quickly stowable summer kitchen with a draft system, grill, cooking surface, sink, and dish holder was also realized.

Another practical aspect is the use of the garage platform as a terrace when the car is unloaded. The overhead awning provides protection and can be quickly secured, largely wind-resistant, using the Airliner tie-down rails attached to the edge of the platform.

Haben Sie weitere Ideen für Verwendung? Gerhard und Max Volkner freuen sich darauf, diese zu verwirklichen.

In addition to the practical benefits, other technical advantages should not be forgotten.

The cardanically suspended garage platform can be extended and retracted on almost any surface, even with the new VolknerUX.

The low center of gravity between the axles favors driving characteristics and ensures a neutral cornering behavior of the motorhome.

The hydraulic system used serves not only for operating the platform but also for stabilizing and leveling the motorhome – manually or automatically, according to the customer's preference.


Slide-Out and Wall-Out – Perfect room expansion

The dimensions of vehicles are subject to legal limitations that seem reasonable considering the dimensions of our roadways.

Therefore, the idea of expanding the space of these vehicles when they are stationary and being used for accommodation is not new. Slide-outs, also known as "slide-outs" or "pop-outs," can already be found in older fairground vehicles, and motorhome manufacturers, especially in the USA, have been exploring this concept for years.
The development of movable room expansion at Volkner Mobil has always been driven by stringent technical requirements from the very beginning.

- Reliable mechanics for extension and retraction
- Complete sealing in all weather conditions
- No compromise on the strength of the vehicle structure
- Comfortable operation with short extension and retraction times
- Invisible technology, both inside and outside

Since we can meet these conditions, we offer optional Slide-Out solutions for most of our vehicles, which significantly expand the living area.
Due to continuous advancement, we have been able to extend the living area along almost the entire length, incorporating the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This expansion provides an increase in space of nearly 20%. We refer to this solution as Wall-Out.
You can expect that the technical requirements are met in this solution as well.
And with the triple sealing and the dedicated hot water heater with 17 kW for Slide-Out and Wall-Out, winter can be welcomed without hesitation.

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