The HG series, in which HG stands for rear garage, is built on truck chassis, preferably from Mercedes-Benz. Body lengths between 9 and 12 meters, gross weights up to 18 t and engine powers of 250 to 530 PS give an idea of the versatility of this series. The rear garages are suitable for transporting two- or four-wheeled vehicles, depending on the size.

From the HG 1060 model, a car can be accommodated that is loaded and unloaded via a hydraulic loading platform. A slide-out is also available from this size. If no vehicle is to be transported, special space solutions such as children's rooms, office etc. can be realized. The AdventureLine model is particularly noteworthy, the only fully integrated all-wheel drive motorhome with full off-road capability.


Vehicle length 9.60 - 12 meters

Volkner Mobil system control Volkner UX

Battery performance 25 kWh

Diesel Generator 10 Kw

Fresh water up to 500 - 1000 liters

Solar panels with 2000 W power

Automatic level regulation

Total heating power 26 kw

Volkner Mobil integrated air conditioning up to 9 kw

Floor plan of your choice

Rear garage

Partly in desired equipment

This is about our "from - to - series". The number represents the total length in centimeters and the "HG" stands for rear garage, which can be used very differently according to customer preferences and size: for all sorts of vehicles, whether they have 2, 3, 4, or even 6 wheels, be it bike, trike, quad, car, or amphibious vehicle. But it can also serve as an additional sleeping or children's room, a workspace, or simply as a huge storage area, and so on.

Our customers often have very specific ideas about their motorhomes, and after a conversation with us, they are amazed by the solutions we can offer within this size range. Whoever has choices hasn't yet experienced the quality of our consultation. Depending on size and total weight (up to 18 tons), we build this series on Mercedes Benz Atego or Actros chassis (MAN is also available as a base upon request). As life-expanding measures, Slide-Out or Wall-Out solutions are also available for these models.


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