Modern Craftsmanship

Our products are characterized by customizability and perfection down to the smallest detail.

Starting with the construction of the chassis in our facility, the comfort and optimal utility of an exclusive motorhome always remain the focus of all our designs and developments. 

Right from the chassis design stage, Volkner has taken into account spacious storage areas, maximum tank volumes, neatly arranged and easily maintainable technology, and, of course, the best possible driving behavior.

The use of CNC-controlled in-house machines ensures precise and consistently high quality in all individual components. 

In addition to using modern machines, craftsmanship is highly valued at Volkner. This is because only through manual work is it possible to achieve individual and customer-oriented production of our vehicles. 

Our carpentry, equipped with a well-equipped machine park, gives our customers the opportunity to choose from the entire range of options: the new Edge furniture construction features walnut real wood veneer all around the edges, the WhiteLine furniture construction is modern and angular, often combined with painted areas in high gloss, matte, or textured finish. There's also the BrilliantDark furniture construction with its hand-finished Makassar surfaces. Our carpenters are more than happy to translate your personal taste into reality. 

The Development

The ultimate motorhome. THE PERFORMANCE. The idea and the journey to get there.

Gerhard Volkner had already manufactured more than 10 years' worth of motorhomes, using Mercedes Benz Actros, Atego, and Volvo mid-engine bus chassis. With and without car garages, all of them featured a high degree of technical comfort for the user.

The bus chassis consistently proved to be the most comfortable base. The driving comfort is optimally designed for passenger transportation, with a low center of gravity and even load distribution ensuring perfect road holding. Driving feels like gliding smoothly over the road. The rear-positioned engine, situated up to 11 meters behind the driver and passenger seats, significantly contributes to comfort, working quietly and without vibrations, ensuring an uninterrupted driving experience. 

Now, it was a matter of accommodating a "full-sized" car. While a Smart and a Mini are great and useful companions for travels, sometimes you want more: the Porsche, the Ferrari, the Audi or Mercedes convertible – you want to bring your favorite car along. The large Performance model offers the perfect solution for this. And all of this without having to compromise on the living and lifestyle space of the motorhome.

A large slide-out is also possible with this vehicle concept, known as the Wall-Out, where the entire vehicle wall, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, extends with the push of a button.

Introducing the Performance – now also available as the Elfer Performance at 11.4 meters in length and as the Perfection at 10.8 meters in length.

In conclusion, it's worth noting that in our company, we also handle the development of the entire electrical system, the VolknerUX, including programming and app development. We also develop and produce the climate control technology in-house.







We are here for you.
Thanks to our support, you can always turn to Volkner Mobil whenever you have wishes, problems, or questions related to your Volkner Mobil, no matter where you are. When it comes to the smooth operation of your motorhome, we provide comprehensive assistance. Thanks to our sophisticated technology, this is often achieved through phone support. However, you can always rely on Volkner Mobil to take care of your vehicle on-site as well. Planned or unplanned, if a part needs to be replaced in your Volkner Mobil, you can rest assured that we will provide the right components as quickly as possible.
Whether it's new construction, repairs, modifications, or maintenance, you can consider yourself and your motorhome as part of the Volkner family.

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