The name Volkner Mobil is inevitably associated with the Performance, the ultimate flagship model of the Volkner fleet. This is not surprising at first, as the ingenious concept of being able to carry a full-sized car in the central garage is truly unique, making it a special attraction for both visitors and the industry press at every trade show.

However, upon closer examination of the products from the Wuppertal motorhome manufacturer, one realizes that the range of vehicle offerings is quite diverse. It starts with the Model 800 C, which boasts a compact and agile design with a body length of 8 meters and a width of 2.35 meters. The possibility to limit the Model 800 C to a permissible total weight of 7.49 tons also makes it appealing to those who hold the older Class 3 driver's license. Moving up to the next level, represented by the Model 840 HG, the high payload reserves of the chassis used allow for many prerequisites of self-sufficient travel to be fulfilled, such as large tank capacities and high battery capacities. Despite its manageable length, this vehicle stands out with its spacious interior and, thanks to its completely level floor, accommodates a variety of layout options.

"HG" stands for "Heckgarage," which translates to "rear garage" in English. The model range with this additional designation extends from the Volkner Mobil 920 HG to the 1200 HG. The number indicates the body length, and the wide range signifies the diversity of possibilities that arise due to the different sizes, both in terms of interior design and garage utilization. The garage usage doesn't necessarily have to revolve around carrying different vehicles; rather, this space can serve as a separate children's room or fitness area, for instance. As a custom manufacturer, Volkner Mobil has nearly limitless options to cater to the desires and needs of customers in this regard.

To the previously mentioned Performance model, a sort of little sibling was introduced – the Performance Compact, which is over 1 meter shorter than the 12-meter-long Performance, but essentially possesses the same attributes. Constructed using coach components with a rear-mounted engine and equipped with the patented central garage, it not only offers the opportunity to carry a car in an optimally balanced driving position but also delivers a notable increase in driving comfort.

Each vehicle is created at Volkner Mobil through collaboration with the customer. In this process, Gerhard Volkner doesn't shy away from special challenges. As an experienced designer, he possesses extensive technical expertise, and state-of-the-art and precise machinery enables the realization of even the most unique customer desires.

In the design of the living area and in the selection of materials and colors, Stephanie Volkner advises the customers and uses her experience to translate their ideas into a stylish and tasteful reality. Volkner Mobil emphasizes that during the construction and building of each vehicle, special emphasis is placed on ensuring that it meets the highest standards of functionality, long-term quality, reliability, safety, and comfort.

It goes without saying that vehicles crafted at this level are not available at discount prices. High-quality components, top-notch materials, and the numerous hours spent on individually tailored components naturally come with a price tag. However, the sometimes heard notion that one would need to spend at least a million euros for a Volkner Mobil is not accurate. While that amount can be reached and even exceeded with an extensive array of customizations, it's not the baseline cost.



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